Seated Moving Meditation

Sheng Zhen on Tuesday and Friday mornings

Register for Tuesday 8:15 a.m.

Register for Friday 10:00 a.m.

Ola Sun offers this six week class introducing the form “Awakening the Soul.” She teaches six moves during this course: all of June, and the first two weeks of July. In the last two weeks of July, Ola will introduce the “Jesus Sitting” practice, two moves. Both are easy beginner forms, seated in chair and/or on floor, with very potent affects. 

Sheng Zhen is an accessible form of moving meditation that cultivates profound inner peace, harmony, and openness of the heart. These beginner forms are done seated, and are wonderful for all people, including elders and those with limited mobility. Regular practice harmonizes the whole being; keeping the heart open for relationship health, and the body open for physical health.

We welcome Ola Sun. Ola has been practicing various forms of somatic practices her whole life. She found Sheng Zhen 6 years ago, which proved to be beneficial for healing mind and body, and easy on the body. After 5 seminars with the form’s creator Master Li, she began to teach in 2019.