We will be moving into a new space at the south end of Questa: renovation is underway and our Fundraising Campaign through Kickstarter is live (until August 23, 2019). Our moving date will be announced. To learn more about the new space go LaSalaQuesta.com.

Yoga Sala Questa promotes wellness and health through the mindful movement of yoga and simple meditative practice. We believe that as we restore ourselves and transform our lives, we strengthen our community.

Our classes and events take place at  OCHO at #8 NM Hwy 38 in Questa – a gallery space hosting art and cultural events, and home to SAGE Acutonics and Massage – where we have held yoga classes since December 2016.

We want to give everyone yoga –  your first class is free. We offer a free community class each month. And we are growing our offerings in response to your needs.  Share your ideas or requests with us here.

No step is lost on this path
~ Bhagavad Gita 

Sala, in Spanish, means living room, room or hall. The word Sala appears in languages of Asia, Europe, Africa and beyond. It corresponds to the Sanskrit word śālā, which can be a shelter or gathering place – a comfortable space to be together. You will even read lines of poetry that reference Sala trees. More about them here.